Climate Data Engineer (Oakland, CA)

Position description

Rhodium Group is looking for an entrepreneurial and talented climate scientist and data engineer. You’ll be joining a team of engineers and analysts at Rhodium Group working on solving computational problems at the frontiers of climate science and economics.

Our team’s work focuses on the engineering systems behind the Climate Impact Lab, an unprecedented collaboration of experts—economists, climate scientists, and computational scientists—from some of the nation’s leading institutions. We at the Climate Impact Lab aim to revolutionize the way global decision-makers think about the costs and risks of climate change. The team has developed a first-of-its-kind, evidence-based, data-driven, and open-sourced approach for measuring and quantifying climate impacts that leverages new developments from a wide range of fields.


Key Responsibilities

Rhodium Group seeks a Climate Data Engineer to develop and use open-source Climate Impact Lab tools:

  • Help develop a new open-source climate model downscaling package in python
  • Help develop core features of xarray, python’s n-dimensional indexed data analysis package
  • Work with hundred-terabyte data sets using high-performance computing systems
  • Work with research computing consultants to optimize storage and job infrastructure
  • Help build a high-resolution integrated assessment model for estimating GHG emissions impacts
  • Write tested code & diagnostic tools and publish papers on climate data science techniques



  • Organized and self-directed
  • Some understanding of core climate science topics, with previous research or work in this field
  • Strong communication skills & ability to collaborate in a multi-disciplinary environment
  • Experience with python N-dimensional data science tools (xarray strongly preferred)
  • Some experience using the mac/linux terminal (fluency preferred)


  • Climate impact assessment background, with experience processing CMIP5 model outputs
  • Understanding of core computer science topics (algorithms, optimization)
  • Experience with high-performance and/or distributed computing systems (SLURM, AWS-EC2)

Recruiting Process

This position is based in Oakland, CA, with competitive compensation and benefits. Please submit a cover letter and resume to Maryrose Clark at Please indicate the position you are applying for and your availability.

About Rhodium Group

Rhodium Group analyzes disruptive global trends using policy experience, quantitative economic tools and on-the-ground research. The firm is known for its path breaking studies on China’s economic development, global energy/natural resource markets and policy dynamics, and cross-border direct investment, as well as work on India’s emergence and advanced economy restructuring. RHG’s primary economic and policy research is the foundation of its client advisory services for the financial, corporate, non-profit and government sectors. RHG has offices in New York, California, and Hong Kong, and associates in New Delhi. To learn more, visit

Rhodium Group has partnered with research teams at the University of California, Berkeley, the University of Chicago, and Rutgers University to form the Climate Impact Lab. For more information on the Climate Impact Lab, visit

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