RHG principals and staff perform research and advisory activities in their respective areas of expertise and publish foundational economic and public policy research through a range of think tank, public policy, trade and academic presses.

  • Daniel H. Rosen


    Daniel Rosen leads RHG's China practice and teaches at Columbia University.

  • Trevor Houser


    Trevor Houser leads RHG's energy and natural resources practice.

  • Jennifer Baird

    Finance and Accounting

    Jennifer Baird directs RHG’s financial and accounting operations.

  • Pramit Pal Chaudhuri

    Senior Associate

    Pramit Pal Chaudhuri leads RHG’s India practice and is a senior editor at the Hindustan Times.

  • Maryrose Clark

    Office Manager

    Maryrose Clark is the Office Manager for RHG-East and Executive Assistant to Daniel H. Rosen.

  • Michael Delgado

    Research Analyst

    Michael Delgado is a Research Analyst at RHG focusing on energy and environmental markets and policy.

  • Allen Feng

    Senior Analyst

    Allen Feng is a Senior Analyst with RHG's China Markets Research service.

  • Cassie Gao

    Senior Analyst

    Cassie Gao is a Senior Analyst at RHG focusing on China's international trade and investment flows.

  • Lauren Gloudeman

    Research Analyst

    Lauren Gloudeman is a Research Analyst with RHG’s China Markets Research team.

  • Shan Guo

    Research Analyst

    Shan Guo is a Research Analyst at RHG focusing on China’s competition policy and other macroeconomic reforms.

  • Thilo Hanemann


    Thilo Hanemann is a Director leading RHG's work on global trade and investment, and a Senior Policy Fellow at MERICS in Berlin.

  • Whitney Herndon

    Research Analyst

    Whitney Herndon is a Research Analyst at RHG focused on US energy markets and policy.

  • Hannah Hess

    Communications Manager

    Hannah Hess is a Communications Manager at RHG.

  • Jeeway Kan


    Jeeway Kan is a Director at RHG, focusing on business development and strategy, as well as the firm's compliance efforts.

  • Jacob Funk Kirkegaard

    Senior Associate

    Jacob Funk Kirkegaard leads RHG's work on advanced economy debt and restructuring and is a fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

  • Kate Larsen


    Kate Larsen is a Director at RHG and manages the firm’s work on US and global climate change, including RHG’s work estimating the costs of climate change as part of the Climate Impact Lab.

  • John Larsen


    John Larsen is a Director at RHG and leads the firm’s US power sector work.

  • Adam Lysenko

    Senior Analyst

    Adam Lysenko is a Senior Analyst at RHG focusing on China’s international trade and investment flows and related policy dynamics.

  • Peter Marsters

    Research Analyst

    Peter Marsters is a Research Analyst at RHG focusing on Chinese environmental and energy issues.

  • Shashank Mohan


    Shashank Mohan leads the development and management of RHG's suite of economic models and other quantitative analytical tools across the firm.

  • Chantelé Shaw

    Office Manager

    Chantelé Shaw is the Office Manager for RHG-West and Executive Assistant to Trevor Houser.

  • Justin Simcock

    Data Engineer

    Justin Simcock is a Data Engineer with RHG.

  • Logan Wright


    Logan Wright is a Director at RHG and leads the firm’s China Markets Research (CMR) work.

  • Vincent Zhu

    Research Analyst

    Vincent Zhu is a Research Analyst at RHG focusing on China’s macroeconomic development.