Kelly McCusker

Climate Scientist

Kelly McCusker is a Climate Scientist at RHG lending climate science expertise to a range of projects and software development support to the Climate Impact Lab. Previously, Kelly was a Postdoctoral Fellow and Research Associate at the University of Washington and the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada where she studied the role of the changing Arctic sea ice cover on global circulation, weather, and climate using a hierarchy of numerical global climate models. She received a Bachelor’s in Mathematics from Providence College and a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences with a concentration in Climate Science from the University of Washington, and in between worked as a software developer in defense, finance, and astrophysics.


A Post-Engagement US-China Relationship?

Daniel H. Rosen

Engagement, embracing China’s WTO accession and optimism were absolutely the right US strategy for the post 1978 China that risked everything to shift away from Communism; but unless Beijing demonstrates recommitment to that course now Washington and others will go a different way.