Moon Limb

Research Analyst

Moon Limb is a Research Analyst at RHG focused on quantifying the impacts of climate change and providing technical and analytical support to the Climate Impact Lab. Moon is interested in creating effective and actionable visualizations to communicate climate impacts research. She has a Master’s in Climate Science and Policy from Scripps Institution of Oceanography, where she evaluated methane data products to identify a natural gas leak. She worked with Francesca Hopkins (UC Riverside), Ralph Keeling and Scott Sellars. Previously, she worked as a software engineer at a genetic information company. She has a Bachelor’s in Physics from Duke University.


Renewable Energy Largely Spared in the Compromise Tax Bill

Hannah Hess and Trevor Houser

Late Friday afternoon, Republican lawmakers unveiled the final version of their bill to rewrite the tax code. Here is a guide to the fate of provisions that most impact clean energy, updating our breakdown of the House and Senate bills published last week. Electric vehicles ...