Nicholas Consonery


Nicholas Consonery is Director of Rhodium Group’s China Macroeconomic and Policy Research practice. He has a decade of experience analyzing China’s commercial, economic and political dynamics for private and public sector clients. Before joining Rhodium Group he helped build a political and country risk practice at FTI Consulting in New York. Prior to that, Mr. Consonery worked for eight years at Eurasia Group, where he was the firm’s lead analyst on China’s economic and financial policies. During his time at Eurasia Group Mr. Consonery helped to build that firm’s prestigious China practice, culminating with his appointment as Director there in 2014. Mr. Consonery holds a Master’s degree in Asian Studies from the Elliott School of International Affairs at the George Washington University, and a Bachelor’s degree in Asian Studies and Political Science from Furman University. He is a Member of the National Committee on US-China Relations.


A Post-Engagement US-China Relationship?

Daniel H. Rosen

Engagement, embracing China’s WTO accession and optimism were absolutely the right US strategy for the post 1978 China that risked everything to shift away from Communism; but unless Beijing demonstrates recommitment to that course now Washington and others will go a different way.