Thilo Hanemann


Thilo Hanemann is Research Director at RHG and leads the firm’s cross-border investment work. He coordinates RHG’s research assets across different practice areas and supports the investment management, strategic planning and policy analysis requirements of RHG clients within his fields of expertise.

Thilo’s research on cross-border investment assesses new trends in global capital flows, related policy developments and the political and commercial dynamics of specific transactions. One of his areas of expertise is the rise of emerging economies as global investors and the implications for host economies and the global economy. His most recent work focuses on the evolution of China’s international investment position and the economic and policy implications from this new trend.


New Realities in the US-China Investment Relationship

by Daniel H. Rosen and Thilo Hanemann

For decades, foreign direct investment (FDI) flows between the US and China were a one-way street: American multinationals invested in labor-intensive manufacturing and consumer-oriented operations in China, but Chinese firms had neither motive nor capacity to invest in the US economy. In the past 5 years this situation has changed profoundly, as Chinese investment in the US took off, and, by most measures, now exceeds flows in the other direction. This sea change suggests opportunity, but also a pressing need for policy leadership to ensure a success story does not turn into a new grievance.