Energy & Natural Resources

RHG assesses global commodity market developments and energy and environmental policy trends. We combine energy and natural resource expertise with RHG’s China, India and advanced economies macro and political analysis for unique insight on oil, gas, coal, renewables, agricultural and base metals market dynamics.

RHG’s energy and natural resources team, led by Trevor Houser, brings together energy and environmental policy experience, economic and commodity market modeling expertise, and region and industry-specific insight to help clients anticipate, understand and respond to disruptive energy and natural resource trends. Our coverage includes global oil, gas, coal and agricultural markets, US power and natural gas, emerging Asian energy and base metals supply/demand forecasting, and national and international energy and environmental policy assessment.

RHG is also a founding partner of the Climate Impact Lab, a collaboration of leading research institutions combining climate, economic and data science to quantify the risks climate change presents. The Lab provides actionable climate risk information for policymakers, investors, academics, non-profit organizations and business leaders alike.


What Is It Worth? The State of the Art in Valuing Distributed Energy Resources

John Larsen and Whitney Herndon

The traditional cost recovery rate framework is as old as the regulated monopoly business model itself. This century old compact is showing its age as evidenced by recent high profile fights over rate design in Nevada, Arizona and elsewhere. Central to many of these conflagrations ...