Energy & Natural Resources

RHG assesses global commodity market developments and energy and environmental policy trends. We combine energy and natural resource expertise with RHG’s China, India and advanced economies macro and political analysis for unique insight on oil, gas, coal, agricultural and base metals market dynamics.

RHG’s energy and natural resources team, led by Trevor Houser, brings together energy and environmental policy experience, economic and commodity market modeling expertise, and region and industry-specific insight to help clients anticipate, understand and respond to disruptive energy and natural resource trends. Our coverage includes global oil, gas, coal and agricultural markets, US power and natural gas, emerging Asian energy and base metals supply/demand forecasting, and national and international energy and environmental policy assessment.

RHG  retainer clients  receive regular market-oriented research on all RHG coverage areas including energy and natural resources, and direct interaction with Trevor and his team. Clients seeking support for specific energy and natural resources-related business decisions, strategic planning processes or policy deliberations can engage RHG on a  special project basis. In addition Trevor is a frequent speaker for high-level audiences  including corporate  boards, investment committees, strategic planners and portfolio managers.


Taking Stock: Progress Toward Meeting US Climate Goals

By John Larsen, Kate Larsen, Whitney Herndon, and Shashank Mohan

The Paris Agreement, unanimously adopted by the nations of the world on December 12, 2015, marks a turning point in the global effort to combat climate change. Along with pledges from over 185 countries, the US committed to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 26-28% ...