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EventFeb 27, 2012

13th Annual Risk Management Convention

Jacob Kirkegaard delivers the keynote address on the global outlook for market risk at GARP’s (the Global Association of Risk Professionals) 13th annual Risk Management Convention in New York City. The Convention is marketed as “two days of highly relevant, in-depth discussion & debate– in an exchange of ideas on the unpredictable risks in the interconnected worldwide financial economy– and the newest strategies and tools to manage that risk.”

Jacob’s keynote address, “Market Risk: The Global Outlook” was described as:
“The Great Recession has permanently reduced the capacity of the U.S. and other industrialized country governments to fulfill their historical countercyclical economic role over the business cycle, and as guarantors of geopolitical stability. What are G-7 longer-term growth prospects? Can monetary policy credibly carry the entire burden, and what are the associated risks? What are the key sources of volatility in the increasingly multi-polar world? With traditional risk-free assets increasingly politically and financially impaired, are there any safe-havens left?” 

The full agenda is available here [PDF].