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Energy & Climate

Rhodium Group’s Energy & Climate practice analyzes the effects of policy and market developments on energy systems and greenhouse gas emissions, and provides actionable information about the risks of climate change by sector and region around the world.

Rhodium's Energy & Climate research team includes policy experts, economists, energy modelers, climate scientists and data engineers. The team uses a suite of proprietary and open-source models to analyze the economic, energy market and emissions impact of policy developments at the local and national level, and international levels. Through the Climate Impact Lab, they provide decision-makers in the public, financial services, corporate, philanthropic and non-profit sectors with actionable information about the economic risks of climate change in different sectors of the economy and regions of the world.

A selection of Rhodium's public Energy & Climate research is available below. For more information about Rhodium's commercial research services or client data portals, email:

Feb 24, 2022

Justice40 Initiative: Mapping Race and Ethnicity

Using 2019 census data, we quantify race and ethnicity demographics of the communities identified as disadvantaged in the White House Council on Environmental Quality's Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool.
Emma Rutkowski, Alfredo Rivera, and Eric G. O'Rear
Feb 9, 2022

Assessing the Costs and Benefits of Clean Electricity Tax Credits

An EPIC-Rhodium Group analysis finds that tax incentives to boost clean energy generation, a key part of the Build Back Better Act, are among the most cost-effective climate policies and lead to some of the largest reductions in emissions compared to politically feasible alternatives.
John Larsen, Ben King, Hannah Kolus, Whitney Herndon, Michael Greenstone, Bogdan Mukhametkaliev, and Jared Stolove
Jan 10, 2022

Preliminary US Greenhouse Gas Emissions Estimates for 2021

Based on preliminary data for 2021, Rhodium Group estimates that economy-wide GHG emissions increased 6.2% relative to 2020, though emissions remained 5% below 2019 levels.
Alfredo Rivera, Kate Larsen, Hannah Pitt, and Shweta Movalia
Dec 23, 2021

Preliminary 2020 Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions Estimates

Rhodium Group provides the most up-to-date global and country-level GHG emissions estimates each year. This year’s update features final emissions estimates from 1990-2019 and preliminary estimates for 202
Alfredo Rivera, Shweta Movalia, Hannah Pitt, and Kate Larsen