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Energy & Climate

Rhodium Group’s Energy & Climate practice analyzes the effects of policy and market developments on energy systems and greenhouse gas emissions, and provides actionable information about the risks of climate change by sector and region around the world.

Rhodium's Energy & Climate research team includes policy experts, economists, energy modelers, climate scientists and data engineers. The team uses a suite of proprietary and open-source models to analyze the economic, energy market and emissions impact of policy developments at the local and national level, and international levels. Through the Climate Impact Lab, they provide decision-makers in the public, financial services, corporate, philanthropic and non-profit sectors with actionable information about the economic risks of climate change in different sectors of the economy and regions of the world.

A selection of Rhodium's public Energy & Climate research is available below. For more information about Rhodium's commercial research services or client data portals, email:

Dec 3, 2020

Output-Based Rebates: An Alternative to Border Carbon Adjustments for Preserving US Competitiveness

This commentary, part of a series of joint research on carbon tax policies by Columbia University’s Center on Global Energy Policy and Rhodium Group, highlights an alternative to border carbon adjustments to ensure that US firms remain on a level playing field with foreign competitors: output-based rebates (OBRs).
Noah Kaufman, John Larsen, Ben King, and Peter Marsters
Oct 15, 2020

The Economic Benefits of Carbon Capture: Investment and Employment Estimates for Regional Carbon Capture Deployment Initiative States

This report is a state-by-state analysis exploring the economic benefits associated with carbon capture retrofit opportunities at existing industrial and electric power facilities, including private sector investment and employment opportunities associated with their construction and operation.
John Larsen, Whitney Herndon, Galen Hiltbrand, and Ben King
Oct 23, 2020

A New Framework for U.S. Leadership on Climate Migration

Climate migration is poised to be one of the biggest human development and security challenges of the next several decades, yet policymakers and the research community are just now understanding the myriad impacts of climate change on human mobility. A new framework for addressing these challenges is needed—one defined by the United States taking action to slow the effects of climate change, reforming its own immigration policies, and leading multilateral efforts.
Erol Yayboke, Trevor Houser, Janina Staguhn, and Tani Salma
Jul 9, 2020

Taking Stock 2020: The COVID-19 Edition

For the past six years, Rhodium Group has provided an independent annual assessment of US greenhouse gas emissions and progress towards achieving the country’s climate goals. This year, we focus solely on the largest source of uncertainty in the current outlook for US emissions: COVID-19’s impact on the economy.
Kate Larsen, Hannah Pitt, John Larsen, Whitney Herndon, Trevor Houser, Hannah Kolus, Shashank Mohan, and Emily Wimberger