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Energy & Climate

Rhodium Group’s Energy & Climate practice analyzes the effects of policy and market developments on energy systems and greenhouse gas emissions, and provides actionable information about the risks of climate change by sector and region around the world.

Rhodium's Energy & Climate research team includes policy experts, economists, energy modelers, climate scientists and data engineers. The team uses a suite of proprietary and open-source models to analyze the economic, energy market and emissions impact of policy developments at the local and national level, and international levels. Through the Climate Impact Lab, they provide decision-makers in the public, financial services, corporate, philanthropic and non-profit sectors with actionable information about the economic risks of climate change in different sectors of the economy and regions of the world.

A selection of Rhodium's public Energy & Climate research is available below. For more information about Rhodium's commercial research services or client data portals, email:

Feb 1, 2024

Fueling a Transition Away from Fossil: The Outlook for Global Fossil Fuel Demand

New insights into the evolution of global fossil fuel demand provide a signpost for where additional action is needed to accelerate policy ambition and technology innovation sufficient to transition the world away from fossil fuels.
Hannah Pitt, Emma Rutkowski, and Kate Larsen
Jan 23, 2024

Pathways to Net-Zero: US Emissions Beyond 2030

There’s a long way to go to get on track for achieving US net-zero emissions by 2050. In this analysis, we look at the remaining emissions in 2030, much of which come from sectors that have been less of a focus to date.
Hannah Kolus, Michael Gaffney, Ben King, Whitney Jones, and John Larsen
Jan 10, 2024

Preliminary US Greenhouse Gas Emissions Estimates for 2023

After two years of emissions growth, while the country rebounded from the pandemic and its associated economic disruptions, we estimate that emissions were down 1.9% year-on-year in 2023.
Ben King, Michael Gaffney, and Alfredo Rivera
Nov 30, 2023

Rhodium Climate Outlook: Probabilistic Projections of Energy, Emissions, and Global Temperature Rise

The Rhodium Climate Outlook provides probabilistic projections of the likely evolution of greenhouse gas emissions and associated temperature rise through the end of the century, and insights into what will matter most for decarbonization in the coming decades.
Kate Larsen, Hannah Pitt, Mahmoud Mobir, Shweta Movalia, Alfredo Rivera, Emma Rutkowski, Marie Tamba, Kelly McCusker, and Trevor Houser