For more than two decades Rhodium Group and its principals have produced pathbreaking public studies on critical economic and policy trends.

This work, provided below, serves as the foundation for Rhodium commercial analytic and advisory services to the corporate, financial, government, philanthropic, and non-profit sectors.

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Feb 1, 2018

China Investment Monitor

Rhodium Group's interactive China Investment Monitor tracks Chinese direct investment in the U.S.
Thilo Hanemann and Daniel H. Rosen
Jan 4, 2018

The Year in Coal

President Trump came into office promising to bring about an American coal renaissance by rolling back Obama-era environmental regulations. After one year in office, how did he do?
Trevor Houser and Peter Marsters
Oct 3, 2017

The Real Electricity Reliability Crisis

Of all the major power disruptions, nation-wide over the past five years, only 0.00007% were due to fuel supply problems.
Trevor Houser, John Larsen, and Peter Marsters
Dec 11, 2017

Britain Opts for "Brexit in Name Only"

The agreement reached on December 8 between the United Kingdom and the Europeans on phase 1 of the British exit from the European Union (EU) reveals a familiar chorus just in time for the holidays.
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard