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Oct 17, 2019

Beyond Investment Screening: Expanding Europe’s toolbox to address economic risks from Chinese state capitalism

This report takes stock of defensive policy measures that could help Europe deal with market distortions spilling over through growing Chinese investment and other commercial linkages with Europe.
Mikko Huotari and Agatha Kratz
Oct 29, 2019

New Jersey's Rising Coastal Risk

Changes in the climate since the 1980s have put a growing share of New Jersey’s coastal communities at risk.
Hannah Hess, Michael Delgado, Ali Hamidi, Trevor Houser, Robert Kopp, Ian Bolliger, Solomon Hsiang, and Michael Greenstone
Oct 10, 2019

Financial Decoupling: What Are We Really Talking About?

In the context of US-China tensions, recent media reports have flagged the possibility of new regulatory or legislative interventions into bilateral financial flows.
Daniel H. Rosen, Bart Carfagno, and Logan Wright
Oct 29, 2019

PG&E Under Fire

We looked at the past ten years of outage data to see just how significant Northern California electric shut-offs are in the context of power cuts caused by extreme weather and general utility operations.
Whitney Herndon, Hannah Pitt, Emily Wimberger, and Hannah Kolus