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Jun 28, 2018

Taking Stock 2018

We find that US emissions under current policy are heading towards 12 to 20% below 2005 levels in 2025, a far cry from the US Paris commitment of a 26-28% reduction.
John Larsen, Kate Larsen, Whitney Herndon, Peter Marsters, Hannah Pitt, and Shashank Mohan
Jun 19, 2018

Arrested Development: Chinese FDI in the US in 1H 2018

In the first half of 2018, Chinese companies completed acquisitions and greenfield investments worth only $1.8 billion – a drop of more than 90% from 1H 2017 and the lowest level in seven years.
Thilo Hanemann
Aug 2, 2018

The Biggest Climate Rollback Yet?

In the context of the global effort to address climate change, our analysis finds the Trump administration's proposal would be a pretty meaningful setback.
Trevor Houser, Kate Larsen, John Larsen, Peter Marsters, and Hannah Pitt
Apr 17, 2018

EU-China FDI: Working towards more reciprocity in investment relations

While Chinese investors enjoy the same rights in the EU market as any European business, China continues to limit access for foreign companies in many sectors.
Thilo Hanemann and Mikko Huotari