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Sep 30, 2022

Meet the New (Same as the Old) Boss

In October, China's Communist Party will unveil changes in its leadership - except at the very top. Here is what we are watching for at the 20th Party Congress
Logan Wright and Agatha Kratz
Aug 12, 2022

A Turning Point for US Climate Progress: Assessing the Climate and Clean Energy Provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act is the single largest action ever taken by Congress and the US government to combat climate change. We provide a detailed assessment of the key energy and emissions impacts of the legislation.
John Larsen, Ben King, Hannah Kolus, Naveen Dasari, Galen Hiltbrand, and Whitney Herndon
Sep 28, 2022

Running Target: Next-Level US Tech Controls on China

The White House is putting together a playbook for technology controls that has important implications for a range of actors—including US industry and America’s allies abroad.
Reva Goujon
Jul 14, 2022

Taking Stock 2022: US Greenhouse Gas Emissions Outlook in an Uncertain World

In our annually updated outlook for US greenhouse gas emissions under current policy, we find that the US is on track to reduce emissions 24-35% below 2005 levels by 2030, absent any additional new action.
Ben King, Hannah Kolus, Naveen Dasari, Emily Wimberger, Whitney Herndon, Eric G. O'Rear, Alfredo Rivera, John Larsen, and Kate Larsen