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May 11, 2022

China Pathfinder: Q1 2022 Update

China’s leaders spent the first months of 2022 in damage-control mode, as a host of economic problems and new pandemic-related challenges piled up. With the entire city of Shanghai under a zero-COVID lockdown, the crackdown on technology firms ongoing,  and the property sector deteriorating, good economic news was scarce.
Nargiza Salidjanova, Rachel Lietzow, Daniel H. Rosen, and Ryan Featherston
Mar 8, 2022

US Policy Options to Reduce Russian Energy Dependence

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has brought into stark relief the national security consequences of European reliance on Russian natural gas and global reliance on Russian oil. We outline policy options available to the US government to reduce EU and global dependence on Russian energy, while continuing to reduce emissions.
Trevor Houser, John Larsen, Kate Larsen, Mahmoud Mobir, and Ben King
Apr 27, 2022

Chinese FDI in Europe: 2021 Update

Chinese venture capital and greenfield investments in Europe hit record highs in 2021, while M&A transactions have come down substantially from their peak of half a decade ago.
Agatha Kratz, Max Zenglein, Gregor Sebastian, and Mark Witzke
Feb 24, 2022

Justice40 Initiative: Mapping Race and Ethnicity

Using 2019 census data, we quantify race and ethnicity demographics of the communities identified as disadvantaged in the White House Council on Environmental Quality's Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool.
Emma Rutkowski, Alfredo Rivera, and Eric G. O'Rear