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Dec 4, 2019

The China Dashboard: Fall 2019 Edition

In this quarterly edition of the China Dashboard, we see China’s growth slow to a nearly three-decade low, amidst rising economic headwinds , unprecedented banking stress and intensifying external pressure.
Daniel H. Rosen
Dec 4, 2019

An Assessment of the GREEN Act: Implications for Emissions and Clean Energy Deployment

The GREEN Act proposes to extend several tax credits for clean energy deployment and expand several others. We quantify the combined impact of most major provisions of the proposal on both technology deployment and GHG emissions, through 2030.
John Larsen, Ben King, Hannah Kolus, and Whitney Herndon
Oct 10, 2019

Market Metrics: A Fact-Based Approach to the Chinese Economic Challenge

If US officials are to make any progress in trade talks with China, basic facts on the nature and trajectory China’s economic system will have to play a bigger role.
Daniel H. Rosen and Scott Kennedy
Oct 29, 2019

New Jersey's Rising Coastal Risk

Changes in the climate since the 1980s have put a growing share of New Jersey’s coastal communities at risk.
Hannah Hess, Michael Delgado, Ali Hamidi, Trevor Houser, Robert Kopp, Ian Bolliger, Solomon Hsiang, and Michael Greenstone