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Feb 29, 2024

Clean Investment Monitor: Q4 2023 Update

Clean energy and transport investment in the US reached a new high in Q4 of 2023, at $67 billion.
Lily Bermel, Ryan Cummings, Brian Deese, Michael Delgado, Leandra English, Yeric Garcia, Lisa Hansmann, Hannah Hess, Trevor Houser, Nakya Stewart, and Harold Tavarez
Feb 21, 2024

Clean Investment in 2023: Assessing Progress in Electricity and Transport

New analysis from the Clean Investment Monitor compares on-the-ground clean investment progress with multiple projections of the Inflation Reduction Act's impact.
Energy & Climate Staff
Feb 15, 2024

Tipping Point? Germany and China in an Era of Zero-Sum Competition

The shifting economic relationship between Germany and China could have outsize impact on the direction of European policymaking toward Beijing.
Noah Barkin and Gregor Sebastian
Feb 1, 2024

Fueling a Transition Away from Fossil: The Outlook for Global Fossil Fuel Demand

New insights into the evolution of global fossil fuel demand provide a signpost for where additional action is needed to accelerate policy ambition and technology innovation sufficient to transition the world away from fossil fuels.
Hannah Pitt, Emma Rutkowski, and Kate Larsen