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Rhodium Group is an independent research provider, combining policy expertise and data-driven analysis to help decision-makers navigate global challenges.

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Expanding the Industrial Decarbonization Toolkit

The industrial sector is on a path to becoming the highest-emitting sector in the US in the early 2030s, pointing to the critical need to rapidly deploy decarbonization solutions if the US is to achieve meaningful economy-wide decarbonization.


The Global Cement Challenge

Achieving the global climate goals of the Paris Agreement will depend on the successful acceleration of policy and innovation to support the wide-scale deployment of low-carbon cement technologies in the regions that matter the most.


China Pathfinder: Q1 2024 Update

External relations can only be positive if China demonstrates convergence with market norms. Based on the China Pathfinder framework, the opposite is in evidence, and market economies will discuss how to react at the coming G7 leader’s summit.


US-China Trade War, Volume 2

In deploying a fresh wave of duties on a short list of strategic products, the Biden administration is highlighting the China dependencies that it wants to break while also inadvertently providing China with a target list for retaliation.

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Ain’t No Duty High Enough

EU duties on Chinese EV imports are unlikely to be high enough to slow market share gains for Chinese automakers, forcing Brussels to consider other tools to protect the continent’s car industry.

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We are independent and objective, data-driven and cross-cutting, and focused on what matters most.

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