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We support leaders in the public, corporate, and financial sectors with data-driven analysis of China’s economy, policy dynamics, and commercial ties.

Rhodium Group’s China research is grounded in an objective analysis of economic and policy dynamics, and a laser-like focus on implications for government and business decision-makers. We support the public sector, corporate leadership, and institutional investors’ strategy and decision-making with deep and actionable analysis of China’s economy and its global interactions. Our thought leadership work with philanthropies and think tanks has been a part of Rhodium’s mission since its founding in 2008.


China Pathfinder: Q1 2024 Update

External relations can only be positive if China demonstrates convergence with market norms. Based on the China Pathfinder framework, the opposite is in evidence, and market economies will discuss how to react at the coming G7 leader’s summit.


US-China Trade War, Volume 2

In deploying a fresh wave of duties on a short list of strategic products, the Biden administration is highlighting the China dependencies that it wants to break while also inadvertently providing China with a target list for retaliation.

Cargo vessel at sea


Ain’t No Duty High Enough

EU duties on Chinese EV imports are unlikely to be high enough to slow market share gains for Chinese automakers, forcing Brussels to consider other tools to protect the continent’s car industry.


Overcapacity at the Gate

China's policy plans will compound the growing imbalance between domestic supply and demand, setting China on course for a trade confrontation with the rest of the world.

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When trustworthy data isn’t readily available, we have successfully built our own models to fill gaps.

Services we provide

Rhodium Group provides research, data, and insights that help clients face new challenges and seize new opportunities in China. Our teams have solutions for companies, investors, and governments that operate in or do business with China.

Corporate advisory services

We provide strategic planning support for world-leading tech, industrial, retail, and services companies. With Rhodium’s help, clients can develop robust China+ strategies, uncover new revenue and investment opportunities, map out risks, build mitigation plans, optimize cross-border operations, and stress-test internal assumptions.

Markets research for institutional investors

Our highly experienced analysts take a credit-driven, “follow the money” approach to gauging the inflection points in China’s economic outlook. We have a track record of predicting where China’s economy will go well before it gets there, providing huge value for institutional investors.

Applied public policy research

Our team provides best in class written and visual analysis to help public and private sector clients better understand key questions about China and its relation to the world. By engaging actively in the public debate about China’s interactions with the world, we constantly test our analysis against real world experience with leader-level audiences.

Proprietary data services

Combining cutting-edge technology with deep analytical China expertise, we create data solutions that help public and private sector clients manage risks and seize opportunities connected to China’s development and emerging global footprint.

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