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Rhodium Group provides research, data, and insights that help clients understand and respond to new challenges and opportunities in China. Our teams have solutions for companies, investors, and governments that operate in or do business with China.

Corporate advisory services

Global businesses face a new set of challenges and opportunities in China, and Rhodium Group is uniquely suited to help. We provide strategic planning support for world-leading tech, industrial, retail, and services companies. With Rhodium’s help, clients can develop robust China+ strategies, uncover new revenue and investment opportunities, map out risks, build mitigation plans, optimize cross-border operations, and stress-test internal assumptions.

We engage in tailored client relationships combining advisory support, access to Rhodium expertise, client-only data and research, and executive briefings on economic and policy dynamics in China, the US, and Europe, with a laser focus on implications for business strategy. We also support clients through forward-looking custom projects including supply chain and technology risk reviews, strategy red-teaming, scenario-planning, tabletop strategy exercises, and diversification planning.


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Recent work from our corporate advisory team

Markets research for institutional investors

The direction of China’s economy is of massive importance for investors. Our team provides an independent and unbiased view of China’s macroeconomy and policy choices that institutional investors need. Our highly experienced analysts take a credit-driven, “follow the money” approach to gauging the inflection points in China’s economic outlook. We have a track record of predicting where China’s economy will go well before it gets there, providing huge value for institutional investors.

Our team provides clients with seven to ten research notes per month that cut through the noise of China-related news and provide meaningful signals of China-related trends as they impact major asset markets. Clients can also engage in active and open conversation with our experts, bolstering their own in-house research capabilities.


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Recent work from our markets research team


The Myth of China’s Fiscal Space

China’s fiscal capacity is now very limited, because Beijing’s tax system is dependent upon an investment-led growth model that is ending.

Applied public policy research

Our team combines data-driven China macroeconomic analysis with deep knowledge of its global context to support decision-making in policy and commerce. Our team provides best in class written and visual analysis to help public and private sector clients better understand key questions about China and its relation to the world. Is Xi Jinping shifting the country toward a reform path? How does China’s slowdown impact its R&D spending and competitiveness? And how can other governments compare industrial competitiveness in leading-edge technology with Chinese counterparts?

By engaging actively in the public debate about China’s interactions with the world, we constantly test our analysis against real world experience with leader-level audiences. Our analysis—and the feedback it gets from practitioners—improves public and private understanding of China’s outlook.


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Recent work from our applied public policy research team

Proprietary data services

Good policy and business decisions require transparency. Combining cutting-edge technology with deep analytical China expertise, we create data solutions that help public and private sector clients manage risks and seize opportunities connected to China’s development and emerging global footprint.

Our proprietary datasets combine official statistics, open source intelligence and China expertise to provide transparency in key areas of public policy interest, such as China’s domestic financial flows, its global investment footprint or the trajectory of China de-risking. Our data solutions for clients combine proprietary datasets with analytics and bespoke advisory tailored to their needs.


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