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Rhodium Group’s Energy & Climate practice analyzes the effects of policy and market developments on greenhouse gas emissions and energy systems, and provides actionable information about the impacts of climate change.

Our Approach

Rhodium Group is committed to upholding the highest of research standards and ethics. First and foremost is our unwavering commitment to independence. We pride ourselves on our unique, interdisciplinary expertise, our original and innovative perspectives, our rigorous research approaches, and our incisive, decision-relevant outputs that focus on what matters most.

Our Research

Governments and businesses around the world are making commitments to achieve net-zero emissions in order to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, but on-the-ground action is lagging. Rhodium’s Energy & Climate practice helps public and private decision-makers understand what kind of climate future we are on track for, and what matters most for reducing greenhouse gas emissionsat the state, national, and international levels. By combining policy expertise with a suite of detailed energy-economic models, our research provides unique, data-driven insights into the impacts of energy and climate change policy and real-world developments on greenhouse gas emissions, energy markets, economic output, and clean technology pathways.

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We use a multidisciplinary, data-driven approach to produce unique, independent insights into global energy dynamics, greenhouse gas emissions, and climate change.

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Data and Tools

Rhodium is a leading source of comprehensive energy and climate datasets and services that enable informed decision-making.

The ClimateDeck data platform, a partnership of Rhodium Group and Breakthrough Energy, provides detailed global, US, and 50-state greenhouse gas emissions inventory data, energy market and emissions forecasts, and analysis of energy and climate policy developments.

The Clean Investment Monitor, a partnership of Rhodium Group and MIT’s Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, tracks public and private investments in climate technologies in the US and provides insights into investment trends and on-the-ground progress in the US towards net-zero emissions.

Rhodium is a founding partner of the Climate Impact Lab, a collaboration of research institutions combining climate science, econometrics, and big data analytics to advance understanding of the real-world impacts and economic costs of climate change. The Climate Impact Lab leverages an evidence-based, data-driven approach to quantify these impacts sector-by-sector and community-by-community, and makes that research available to decision-makers and regulators around the world.

Our Data and Tools

Learn more about our climate and energy data platforms and collaborations, as well as our modeling tools.