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Trustworthy data is at the core of Rhodium’s analysis of China. And when trustworthy data isn’t readily available, we have successfully built our own models to fill gaps. Our data tools cover investment flows in and out of China, quantify the risks posed by Chinese security issuers, measure Beijing’s progress on policy reform commitments, and more.


MPER: Managing systemic portfolio risk

Our China MPER solution helps global investors efficiently manage investment, legal, and reputational risk related to their China portfolios. Our proprietary framework quantifies security issuers’ affiliation with problematic practices in the military, political, and economic domains and monitors potential exposure to evolving China controversies.

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US-China investment flows

Understanding cross-border flows is a critical component of international business, but traditional balance of payments accounting of investment flows is plagued by distortions. To avoid skewed data, we track FDI on a transaction basis, which provides a more accurate, on-the-ground understanding of what investment flows between the United States and China look like.

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China Pathfinder

In partnership with the Atlantic Council’s GeoEconomics Center, we track China’s convergence with or divergence from open market economy norms. The project uses robust, transparent, and data-grounded methods to improve understanding of China’s reform trajectory. The project is nonpartisan and designed in a way that is accessible to nontechnical readers and subject matter experts alike.

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