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2013 Annual China-US Symposium


Tufts University

Thilo Hanemann hosts a panel on “Chinese Investment in the US: Treacherous Path or the Way Forward?” at Tufts 2013 Annual China-US Symposium. The Symposium seeks to examine the role of trust in the economic, security, and cultural relationship between China and the United States in the context of an interconnected and quickly-changing world. This relationship has often been defined by its mix of deep interdependence as well as strategic rivalry, with dramatically varying levels of trust in different arenas and different eras. Today, trust or its absence can push the whole world toward prosperity or penury, peace or war, and harmony or hostility.

The sixth annual China-US Symposium will examine the impact of trust on the bilateral relationship in several different venues. The conference will center on four panels dealing with Internet freedom, the Korean peninsula, military security, and Chinese investments in the United States. The symposium will also include three keynote speakers, several options for interactive breakout sessions, and two professional networking events.

The China-US Symposium is a two and a half day academic conference held to foster relations between the two countries and increase awareness of the importance of working with China to address global problems. The Symposium believes in building on the crossroads of ideas, nations, and people, at Tufts University.


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