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Bloomberg Money Managers: Preparing for the Next Black Swans



Daniel Rosen speaks at the Bloomberg Money Managers session on China’s Economy, with fellow panelists Simona Mocuta (of IHS Global Insight) and A. Gary Shilling (of A. Gary Shilling & Co.). The session sought to answer the question: “Nearly every government, currency and industry relies on the rise of China. What would happen if China falls?” The discussion was led by Charles Stein, Bloomberg News reporter on U.S. investing.

Other topics at the conference included “Gold Fever,” “The Rise of Passive Investing,” “Real Estate Crisis and No End in Sight?”, and “Investing in Energy.”

From Bloomberg:

The year 2011 will most certainly be remembered for its Black Swan events, including the spreading unrest in the Middle East and the earthquake in Japan. Money Managers need to be prepared for unexpected events as they position their investments across asset classes. The Bloomberg Money Managers conference will bring together mutual fund, hedge fund, and private equity investors to consider events that could rock the markets, portfolio strategies for managing the unforeseen and the future of actively-managed investing.

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