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Columbia China Prospects Conference


Columbia University

Daniel Rosen speaks on a panel on macronomics, “The Hope of Restructuring China’s Economy,” at Columbia University’s 2nd Annual China Prospects Conference. Mr. Rosen’s fellow panelists include Merit Janow from Columbia, Zhiwu Chen from Yale, Scott Rozelle from Stanford, and Jian Zhang from the World Bank.

Key topics addressed by the panel included: Is the replacement of fixed domestic investment with outward foreign investment impinging on the growth in (domestic) consumption? Is increasing consumption growth rate the right way to rebalance China’s economy? Is tackling the income and human capital inequality the other way out for China’s further economic development?

Other panel topics at the 2-day conference included “US-China Relations: Reaching Common Ground,” “Urbanization: Turning ‘bubbles’ into Homes,” “IT: An Odyssey for True Innovation,” “Capital Market: Letting in, Going out,” “Energy: A Win-Win Path for US-China Cooperation,” “Private Equity and Venture Capital: Trends, Opportunities, Deals,” “Health Care Reform: The End of the Problem or Just the Beginning?”, “Entrepreneurship and Enterprise: The new frontier for sustainable growth,” and “NGO: Bridging the Gap.”

The conference is put on annually by the Columbia University Chinese Student and Scholars Association.

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