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EventNov 28, 2018

European Strategy Policy and Analysis System: From Hindsight to Foresight

DATE: Tuesday, Nov. 28
TIME: 4:50 p.m. — 5:40 p.m. CET
LOCATION:  European Commission, Berlaymont, 5th Floor Open Space, Rue de la Loi 200, Brussels

ESPA’s landmark conference brings together a select community of global foresight practitioners and strategists to explore the latest and most pressing social, economic, technological and geopolitical trends shaping the future of Europe and the world.

The 2018 meeting is focused on generating fresh insights for the next edition of the ESPAS Global Trends to 2030 Report, which was first published in 2015 under the title: Global Trends to 2030: Can the EU Meet the Challenges Ahead?

The programme of the conference covers two days.


Moderator: Ann Mettler, Head, European Political Strategy Centre and Chair, European Strategy and Policy Analysis System
The ‘Elephants’ in the China Shop: Did We Get It Wrong? How can We Fix It?
Guest speakers:
Daniel H. Rosen, Founding Partner, Rhodium Group
• Kristin Shi-Kupfer, Director, Research Area on Politics, Society and Media, Mercator Institute for China Studies
• Jie (Cherry) Yu, Research Fellow on China, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House