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Geopolitics and Power


Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)

Daniel Rosen speaks on “The Regional and Global Impacts of a Rising China” on a panel with Michael Green and J. Stapleton Roy.

Having witnessed the greatest economic expansion in history in recent decades, China is turning its focus outward. As Beijing comes to terms with the ambitions and responsibilities of a “great power”, its foreign policy strategy will have profound implications for countries in the region and beyond. How will domestic political pressures and historical concepts shape the Communist Party’s external strategy? What drives formulation of China’s foreign policy, internal ambition or external forces?  How does the new leadership in China balance its foreign policy prerogatives with the need to drive economic reform?  How will other regional powers in North and East Asia react to China’s increasing power? Is increased tension in the region inevitable or is there a way in which China can fulfill its pledge of a “peaceful rise”? This session will address the range of domestic, regional and global factors that will have a bearing on China’s international actions.

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