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Global China Connection World Fair


Yale University

DATE: March 28, 2015
TIME: 4:00pm-5:00pm
LOCATION: Edward P. Evans Hall, Yale University, 165 Whitney Avenue, New Haven, CT 06511

The theme of the inaugural GCC World Fair is “China Unfolding: Linking the Past to the Present”. Rooted in the context of China’s vast and unique history, conference speakers and attendees will delve into various facets of modern-day China – from education and entrepreneurship to environmental issues and societal trends – we challenge our GCC members to think critically and strategically about the most pressing issues facing our generation. Conference attendees can expect to have an intellectually stimulating experience through various panel discussions, keynote speakers and cultural showcases. We have secured speakers such as former CEO of Morgan Stanley Asia Stephen Roach along with representatives from the Schwarzman Scholars program, the Council on Foreign Relations, IMF, and World Bank. We are especially grateful for the guidance we are receiving from, a career facilitation website, in moderating and organizing the event. So we urge you to make plans to travel to New Haven for the weekend of March 27th-29th to join us and participate in the inaugural GCC World Fair.

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