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Home Advantage: China’s Challenge to European Industry



Join Rhodium’s Agatha Kratz and ECFR’s Janka Oertel on Thursday, April 15 at 10 a.m. CEST for the presentation of their new paper “Home Advantage: China’s Challenge to European Industry”.

The paper shows how China’s vast, protected home market has allowed its firms to acquire a scale that gives them advantages when competing abroad. These firms are able to undercut European peers in the EU market and around the world, weakening Europe in sectors that are key for its economy and future security, from new energy to telecommunications.

The authors urge the EU to incorporate the concept of ‘home market advantage’ into its thinking as it develops its toolbox for dealing with China. An integrated policy approach, working with like-minded partners around the world, can enable Europe to strengthen its own industries and remain competitive.

Bernhard Bartsch, incoming head of external relations, at MERICS, will chair a discussion with the authors.

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