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Maximizing the Benefits of Chinese Foreign Direct Investment


University of Sydney

The coming decade will bring an unprecedented boom in Chinese capital seeking investment opportunities, but much of the world, including Australia, have been slow to embrace Chinese direct investment.

In a free event Friday July 12 at the University of Sydney Business School’s CBD campus, leading international expert Dan Rosen, Adjunct Associate Professor at Columbia University and partner at Rhodium Group (RHG), will discuss how best to maximize the benefits of Chinese foreign direct investment.

Foreign direct investment into China played a major role in China’s economic boom, and US firms today account for $50 billion of nearly $1 trillion in such investment in China. However, Chinese direct investment abroad has been slow to take off and so far been mainly focused on securing raw materials.

In 2020, it is predicted that Chinese overseas direct investment will boom, and the world will have to react.

“Dan Rosen is uniquely qualified to talk about Chinese outbound direct investment,” says Professor Hans Hendrischke, Professor of Chinese Business at the University of Sydney, who will introduce the talk.

“His ideas are highly topical not only from a US but also from an Australian perspective. Chinese outbound investment will greatly increase in the coming years, and Australia’s business relations with China are bound to diversify as the mining boom makes way for more fine-grained cooperation.”

The seminar is run by the Australia China Business Network at the University of Sydney Business School in conjunction with the University’s China Studies Centre.

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