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New Neighbors: Chinese FDI in the US and What it Means for Foreign Firms



DATE: June 5, 2015
TIME: 12:00pm-2:00pm
LOCATION: AmCham China Conference Center, The Office Park AB, 6th Floor No. 10 Jintongxi Road Beijing
REGISTRATION: please contact: Dana Lv, Tel: 010-8519 0864, Email:

Today, direct investment in the US from China drives significant economic benefits such as employment. National security reviews of these deals, when required, have grown admirably efficient. Yet many American politicians still think the value of Chinese investment is marginal and the reasons to turn it down are compelling. On the other side of the equation, officials in China too often believe that the US is not open for business.

In a new report, “New Neighbors: Chinese FDI in the US by Congressional District,” the National Committee on US-China Relations and the Rhodium Group turn the page on these misapprehensions, offering a full estimate of the impacts of Chinese FDI on local investment, operations and employment. Our speakers Steve Orlins, President of the National Committee, and Daniel Rosen, Founder of Rhodium Group, will share their findings from the report.

The report maps more than 80,000 US jobs tied to Chinese employers across the US, present in 78 percent of America’s 435 congressional districts, and analyzes the implications for innovation, exports and other economic linkages. The research empowers local officials to bring fact-based arguments both to Chinese leaders who do not think the US is open, and to US policymakers still inclined to obstruct investment from China rather than encourage it.


Daniel Rosen
Steve Orlins


Steve Orlins, President of National Committee on US-China Relations
Daniel Rosen, Founder of Rhodium Group


This event is off-the-record.


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