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Energy & Climate

Oil Supply & Demand: Studying the Wildcards


Morningstar / Douglas-Westwood / Ravenna

Trevor Houser speaks at the Oil Wildcards symposium in New York City. The symposium is focused on crude oil and demand flashpoints, and explores consensus and competing views on the prospect for supply additions and demand disruptions.

The intense one-day program focuses on the topics of greatest contention, opacity and impact, including: Tight Oil in US, International Shale Oil, Deepwater / Arctic, Oil & the Economy, Natural Gas Liquids, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and China / EM Demand.

Speakers include Javier Blas (Commodities Editor, Financial Times), Ed Morse (Managing Director, Citigroup), Ray Leonard (President and CEO, Hyperdynamics), James Hamilton (Professor of Economics, University of California at San Diego), George Littell (Partner, Groppe Long & Littell), Adam Bedard (Senior Director – Energy Analysis, Crude Oil and Natural Gas Liquids, BENTEK), Bill Knights (VP and Senior Technical Advisor, Sewell), Mark C. Lewis (Managing Director – Commodities Research, Deutsche Bank), Tancred Lidderdale (Senior Economist, Energy Information Administration), and James Henderson (Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies).

The symposium is hosted by Jim Hansen, an Independent Advisor at Ravenna Capital Management, and chaired by Jason Stevens, Director of Energy Equity Research at Morningstar.

Mr. Houser’s speech, on the topic of China’s appetite for crude oil, attempted to answer the question: Will China hit an economic speed limit on demand growth?