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Energy & Climate

Overcoming Barriers to the Clean Energy Transition

Rhodium's Hannah Hess will discuss accelerating clean energy investment in a panel event organized by Climate XChange.



After years of ambitious campaigns to set clean energy targets and pass enabling policies across the country, focus is now expanding to how and when these much-needed investments will take place. Transforming the power grid can be slow and complex, but it’s crucial that states are able to overcome transmission barriers on a shorter timescale.

Accelerating our clean energy investments calls for policy innovation in siting and permitting, advanced grid technologies, and reforming how utilities and other state actors approach energy efficiency. Climate XChange has invited a panel of experts to discuss how states can overcome long standing barriers to the grid transition to ensure that their investments are as effective and timely as possible.

The panelists include:

  • Hannah Hess, Associate Director at Climate Impact Lab & Rhodium Group
  • Charles Harper, Power Sector Senior Policy Lead at Evergreen Action
  • Daniela Schuman, Clean Power Policy Consultant at Evergreen Action
  • David Sarkisian, Principal Analyst, Energy Policy and Markets at the North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center