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Thought Leadership Forum on Sino-Indian Relations


Columbia University

Daniel Rosen moderates the 2nd Annual Thought Leadership Forum at Columbia University. The forum’s theme is Sino-Indian relations, and contributors includ Ian Bremmer of Eurasia Group, Jamie Metzl of the Asia Society, Yasheng Huang from MIT, and Parag Khanna of the New America Foundation.

The annual conference is the signature event of Columbia’s Journal of International Affairs, and is billed as “a unique opportunity for students and thought leaders to engage in intellectual debate, with a rigor and spirit of inquiry that foster a more nuanced understanding of the issues.”

“Much has been written about the shifting global balance of power and the impending decline of US hegemony in the face of emergent and increasingly influential states like China and India. Less explored, however, are the relations between the two countries. Bringing together the collective expertise of our participants, the debate will focus on the question of whether China and India are destined for confrontation, as is often assumed, or cooperation.”

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