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Energy & Climate

Time for Congress to bolster energy security

In an op-ed for The Hill, Rhodium's John Larsen and CSIS' Ben Cahill and Joseph Majkut emphasize need to reframe future US energy and climate policy.

John Larsen, Ben Cahill and Joseph Majkut

Russia’s war on Ukraine has upended global commodity markets and rekindled concerns about energy security. High energy prices are hurting consumers, Europe is at risk of natural gas supply shortages and boosting fossil fuel production elsewhere will take time and could hamper climate goals. It is time to reframe U.S. climate and energy policy around these challenges. Support for fossil fuel production with lower carbon intensity, paired with policies that will reduce oil and gas demand in the medium to long term, may be able to get through Congress and to the president’s desk. This approach would help consumers, support U.S. allies, and maintain a long-term commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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