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Our Principles of Independence

As a leading and trusted provider of research and analysis on critical global challenges for decision-makers, Rhodium Group is committed to upholding the highest research standards and ethics. First and foremost is our unwavering commitment to independence. We pride ourselves on our unique, interdisciplinary expertise, our original and innovative perspectives, our rigorous research approaches, and our incisive, decision-relevant outputs that focus on what matters most. Throughout every step of our work, we maintain full editorial control and operate free of any external influence.

Rhodium Group produces objective, data-driven research to inform public debate, as well as bespoke research in response to client requests. Rhodium Group’s clients include leading decision-makers in the public, private, and philanthropic sectors.

For every single research project, we maintain full and final control over all aspects, and we operate independently of the views of any funders or clients. This includes full and independent editorial control of the research, analysis, writing, editing, and review of all Rhodium publications. Rhodium’s commercial engagements with its clients for such research explicitly acknowledge Rhodium’s final editorial control. Any publicly available Rhodium research that involves commercial funding will include disclosure of the sponsorship of that research.

Rhodium Group does not maintain an institutional point of view or internal guidance on specific research questions in our fields. While our analysis proceeds from multiple data-driven approaches, different analysts at Rhodium may have different opinions or interpretations, and Rhodium Group encourages a diversity of views within our fields of research.

In addition, Rhodium Group is nonpartisan and does not engage in lobbying or advocacy of any kind, and does not promote the interests of any outside party. Rhodium Group is a private company, owned entirely by the partners of the firm.