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Alfredo Rivera

Senior Analyst

Alfredo Rivera is a Senior Analyst in Rhodium's Energy & Climate practice, focusing on international energy and climate issues.

Energy & Climate

Alfredo leads Rhodium’s global modeling of non-CO2 gases and global temperature rise. During his time at Rhodium, he has led a broad spectrum of analysis of US and international policy developments made available through the ClimateDeck. His work spans annual country-level emissions inventories, emissions estimates for major economies, and state-level emissions projections from our Taking Stock report.

Before Rhodium, he contributed to solar energy projects and climate policy analysis in the US-Mexico border region and rural Thailand. As an Energy Advisor for the Mexican House of Representatives, he worked on oil resource and climate change strategies. Alfredo holds a Bachelor’s in Economics from the Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico and a Master’s in Public Policy from UC Berkeley, specializing in energy economics.