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Harold Tavarez

Research Assistant

Harold Tavarez is a Research Assistant with Rhodium Group's Energy & Climate practice, primarily focusing on research for the Clean Investment Monitor.

Energy & Climate

Harold researches the latest investments in US clean energy technologies. He graduated from The City College of New York with a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics. He was also a member of the third Climate Policy Fellows cohort, studying US climate and energy public policy.

Prior to his current role, Harold worked as a Research Intern for the Climate Impact Lab (CIL), creating maps of regions of vulnerability in the state of California, and reconstructing an existing codebase for the Climate Impact Lab’s Lives Saved Calculator, using a range of tools such as Python, Xarray, and Git.


Clean Investment Monitor: Q1 2024 Update

Clean energy and transportation investment in the United States continued its record-setting growth in Q1 of 2024, reaching a new high of $71 billion.


Clean Investment Monitor: Q4 2023 Update

Clean energy and transportation investment in the US set another record in Q4 of 2023, reaching $67 billion—a 40% increase from Q4 in 2022.


Clean Investment at the Community Level

Using the Clean Investment Monitor, we assess how much investment is flowing to disadvantaged, low-income, and energy communities in the US.