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Jeffery Jones


Jeffery Jones is a Director with Rhodium Group’s Energy & Climate practice, leading Rhodium’s research and expertise on US energy systems, climate policy, and clean technologies.

Energy & Climate

Jeffery’s area of work combines policy expertise with a suite of detailed energy-economic models to help clients understand the impact of energy and climate change policy on economic output, energy markets, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Jeffery is a highly experienced management consultant with deep experience working with energy clients in both the public and private sectors. Prior to joining Rhodium Group, Jeffery worked for Teneo and Guidehouse, where he developed growth and supply chain strategies for utility, energy, and defense companies. Prior to being a management consultant, Jeffery served as an intelligence analyst with the CIA, where he was responsible for providing analysis and insights on a wide range of national security issues. Jeffery holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tulane University, a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech, and an MBA from Oxford University. He is based in Washington, DC.