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Energy & Climate

Remaking American Power

CSIS and RHG assess the energy market and economic impact of proposed EPA greenhouse gas emission regulations for US power plants.

On June 2, 2014, the EPA proposed guidelines for states to develop and implement carbon dioxide emissions standards for existing US power plants. These rules will likely bring about the most significant change in the US electricity sector in decades. But regulating GHG emissions from existing power plants will also have important supply-side implications, whether fuel switching from coal to natural gas or expanded production of renewable energy and energy efficiency equipment technology.

CSIS and RHG have partnered to do an initial assessment of the economic impact of future emissions standards that accounts for these broader energy market dynamics and maps impacts by region of the country to help inform key regional and industry stakeholders. The study focuses on the changes to the electric power and energy production that are likely to under the EPA’s proposal, as well as price, demand expenditures and other impacts. The analysis provides a balanced and measured set of estimates of national and regional results to inform ongoing policy deliberations both in Washington and in the states.

Watch the preliminary findings release event, 7/24/2014

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