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Ben King

Associate Director

Ben King is an Associate Director with Rhodium Group's Energy & Climate practice, researching the effects of policy and economic changes to the US energy system, particularly in the power and industrial sectors.

Energy & Climate

Ben developed the Rhodium Group Industrial Carbon Abatement Platform (RHG-ICAP) to model facility-level opportunities for emissions reductions in industry.

Prior to joining Rhodium, Ben was an analyst in the US Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), where he worked on demand-side efficiency analysis and electricity market policy. Ben also served as Deputy Chief of Staff in EERE and developed clean energy policy resources for cities and states at the US Environmental Protection Agency. Ben holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Music from Florida State University and a Master’s degree in Public Policy with an energy and environmental focus from Georgetown University.



EPA’s New Standards for Power Plants

EPA recently finalized new standards for regulating greenhouse gases from power plants. We analyze what the new rules mean for electric power GHG and conventional pollutant emissions into the next decade.


The Economic Benefits of Hydrogen Hubs

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act provides funding for seven clean hydrogen hubs across the country. In this analysis, we quantify the economic and job benefits associated with four of these hubs.


Expanding the Industrial Decarbonization Toolkit

The industrial sector is on a path to becoming the highest-emitting sector in the US in the early 2030s, pointing to the critical need to rapidly deploy decarbonization solutions if the US is to achieve meaningful economy-wide decarbonization.