What We Do

Rhodium Group is a leading independent research provider. We combine economic data analytics and policy insight to help decision-makers in both the public and private sectors understand global trends.

Rhodium Group has decades of experience producing rigorous, independent and decision-relevant research and data. In addition to our stand-alone analysis we maintain long-standing collaborations with leading think-tanks and universities in the United States, Asia, and Europe. Our work is regularly cited by media and government bodies, and used by firms, investors, philanthropic leaders and policymakers worldwide.

Key areas of Rhodium expertise include Chinese economic, social and political development, energy and climate change, India’s emergence as a global player and advanced economy restructuring.


Rhodium has one of the largest independent China research teams in the private sector, with a consistent track record of producing insightful and path-breaking data and analysis. Rhodium China provides research, data and analytics to the private and public sectors that helps clients understand and anticipate changes in China’s macroeconomy, politics, financial and investment environment, and international interactions.

Rhodium China research leverages purpose-built proprietary databases. These include metrics on China’s outbound direct investment transactions, global direct investment into China, the pace and direction of market opening and policy reforms, and economic and business cycle activity and levels. Rhodium uses a credit-oriented approach to generate insights on financial markets for institutional investors and has a strong record of anticipating monetary, currency, and financial regulatory policy changes impacting the global investment community. For 20 years Rhodium principals have applied a geostrategic lens to macroeconomic and policy trends to produce sector-specific research for corporate, governmental, and non-profit decision-makers.

Energy & Climate

Rhodium’s Energy & Climate team analyzes the market impact of energy and climate policy and the economic risks of global climate change. This interdisciplinary team includes policy experts, economic analysts, energy modelers, data engineers and climate scientists. Their research supports decision-makers in the public, financial services, corporate, philanthropic and non-profit sectors.

By combining policy expertise with a suite of detailed energy-economic models, Rhodium helps clients understand the impact of energy and climate change policy on economic output, energy markets, and greenhouse gas emissions. Through the ClimateDeck, Rhodium provides regular analysis of federal, state and local legislative and regulatory developments. Clients also receive direct access to proprietary Rhodium energy market and emissions data, as well as the team’s regular federal and state energy and emissions forecasts. The Energy & Climate team partners with Rhodium’s China, India, and Advanced Economies teams to analyze the energy and emissions implications of major macroeconomic and policy developments in other major economies as well.

Rhodium is a founding partner of the Climate Impact Lab, a collaboration of leading research institutions combining economics, climate science, and data engineering to quantify the risks climate change presents. The Climate Impact Lab leverages an evidence-based, data-driven approach to quantify the impacts and costs of climate change, sector-by-sector and community-by-community, and makes that research available to decision-makers and regulators around the world. 


With over one billion people and vast latent productivity growth possibilities, India has unmatched potential to change global economic outcomes. While India is already delivering higher growth rates than ever before, its future performance is uncertain. The nation could match or exceed the shock China delivered since 1990, but its path will be profoundly different. Understanding the mix of growth potential, political impediments, and breakthrough policymaking possible today requires high-level involvement in the Indian political conversation married with a deep understanding of development economics and business leader thinking.

Advanced Economies

Rhodium’s Advanced Economies team analyzes the shocks and longer-term challenges confronting higher-income advanced economies. To assess the commercial and political dynamics facing incumbent economic leaders, Rhodium takes a multi-disciplinary approach derived equally from quantitative analysis, political assessment and careful attention to individual policymaker contributions.

Research Partnerships