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Assessment of China’s economy lies at the core of Rhodium Group’s expertise on global trends. After all, China presents the largest marginal changes in worldwide supply, demand, risk and opportunity.

Rhodium has the most highly respected independent China research team in the private sector. For more than twenty years we have used a multidisciplinary approach to produce path-breaking analyses and insights on China. Rhodium builds and employs proprietary databases on China’s inbound and outbound direct investment, market opening and policy reform, and economic and business cycle activity. Our financial system research takes a credit-oriented approach and has a strong record of anticipating monetary, currency, and regulatory policy dynamics. All research products reflect a passion for insight and context, delivering value for users in the corporate, financial, government and non-profit sectors.

A selection of Rhodium's China research is available below. For more information regarding our research and data services please email

Sep 7, 2023

Vanishing Act: The Shrinking Footprint of Chinese Companies in the US

The US is experiencing a post-pandemic boom in FDI, but Chinese companies are notably missing from the party.
Thilo Hanemann, Armand Meyer, and Danielle Goh
Aug 29, 2023

The Myth of China’s Fiscal Space

China’s fiscal capacity is now very limited, because Beijing’s tax system is dependent upon an investment-led growth model that is ending.
Rogan Quinn and Logan Wright
Aug 24, 2023

ESG Impacts of China’s Next-Generation Outbound Investments: Indonesia and Cambodia

This report describes the changes in China’s global outbound foreign direct investment since 2017 and analyzes its implications for host countries from an ESG perspective
Matthew Mingey, Benjamin Parker, Chris Zou, Laura Gormley, and Hope Marshall
Aug 11, 2023

Big Strides in a Small Yard: The New US Outbound Investment Screening Regime

The proposed approach targets a smaller set of technology categories, but uncertainties in the regulatory draft language raise questions about its ultimate scope.
Reva Goujon, Charlie Vest, and Thilo Hanemann