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Emma Rutkowski

Research Analyst

Emma Rutkowski is a Research Analyst with Rhodium's Energy & Climate Practice, supporting Rhodium’s global modeling tools, with a particular focus on industrial energy and decarbonization.

Energy & Climate

Prior to joining Rhodium Group, Emma worked as an air quality consultant at Ramboll, quantifying and modeling emissions and health risks to help policymakers and clients understand and mitigate their environmental impacts. Previously, she conducted research on the impact of ocean and land sinks and sources on local atmospheric mercury concentrations, dispersion and deposition in Boston, MA while attending school. Emma holds a Bachelor’s degree in Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


The Global Cement Challenge

Achieving the global climate goals of the Paris Agreement will depend on the successful acceleration of policy and innovation to support the wide-scale deployment of low-carbon cement technologies in the regions that matter the most.