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Hannah Pitt

Associate Director

Hannah is an Associate Director in Rhodium’s Energy & Climate practice and manages the firm’s international energy research and global modeling tools.

Energy & Climate

Hannah’s research focuses on the impact of policy and investment on clean technology deployment and greenhouse gas emissions. She leads the development of Rhodium’s Global Energy Model, an integrated modeling platform that captures uncertainty in the pace of economic and population growth, fossil fuel prices, and clean energy technology costs to provide probabilistic energy, emissions, and global temperature rise projections through the end of the century.

Before joining Rhodium, Hannah analyzed international climate finance mechanisms at the Center for Clean Air Policy, a nonprofit in Washington, D.C. Hannah has a Master’s degree in International Development from the Harvard Kennedy School.


The Global Cement Challenge

Achieving the global climate goals of the Paris Agreement will depend on the successful acceleration of policy and innovation to support the wide-scale deployment of low-carbon cement technologies in the regions that matter the most.