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Michael Delgado


Michael Delgado is a Director at Rhodium Group, focusing on quantifying and assessing the impacts of investments in the energy transition.

Energy & Climate

Mike leads the Energy & Climate Data Platforms team, which develops data products and manages research & delivery platforms for the Energy & Climate practice. As part of this role, Mike leads Rhodium’s research team working on the Clean Investment Monitor, a collaboration with MIT’s Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research. Mike’s team also manages the ClimateDeck, Rhodium’s energy & climate data platform. Prior to this role, Mike led a team building tools to quantify asset-level physical climate risks for the financial sector.


Clean Investment Monitor: Q1 2024 Update

Clean energy and transportation investment in the United States continued its record-setting growth in Q1 of 2024, reaching a new high of $71 billion.


Clean Investment at the Community Level

Using the Clean Investment Monitor, we assess how much investment is flowing to disadvantaged, low-income, and energy communities in the US.