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Rhodium Group’s China practice uses an integrative, multidisciplinary approach to produce unique insights into China’s economy. We leverage our proprietary datasets and decades of experience to produce incisive analysis of China’s investment flows, market and policy directions, and economic and business cycles.

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Back to Ginormous: China’s 2018 Current Account

If this year's estimate is correct, it portends destabilized international financial and monetary regimes, blocked pathways to desperately needed reforms in the US, and stymied chances for poorer nations trying to ascend the development ladder.


China’s 2012 Energy Report Card

China’s 12thFive Year Plan includes a bevy of energy targets Beijing hopes to achieve between 2011 and 2015. Late last week the country’s National Bureau of Statistics released full-year energy supply and demand data for 2012, providing an early indicator on how China is doing two years into the plan. We’ve combed through the numbers, done the math, and offer a report card on Beijing’s progress to date in achieving its big three energy ambitions.


Chinese FDI in the US in 2012

2012 was a record year for Chinese investment in the United States, reflecting both the growing determination of Chinese firms to expand overseas and the attractiveness of U.S. markets and assets to these investors.