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Rhodium Group’s China practice uses an integrative, multidisciplinary approach to produce unique insights into China’s economy. We leverage our proprietary datasets and decades of experience to produce incisive analysis of China’s investment flows, market and policy directions, and economic and business cycles.

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The China Dashboard: Winter 2020 Edition

The China Dashboard’s gauges of policy movement, analyzing data from the third quarter of 2019 in ten essential economic policy areas, collectively show a system not moving sufficiently in the direction of market efficiency.


Phase 1: The Good, the Bad, and the Missing

Seldom if ever has the culmination of two years of intensive negotiation, capped by a Presidential signing ceremony and a 94-page document, left so many uncertainties about a topic as large as the fate of US-China relations.


City-Level Financial Stress Rising

Local-level credit events in China are piling up, and evidence of broader stress across China’s financial system is accumulating.


The China Dashboard: Fall 2019 Edition

In this quarterly edition of the China Dashboard, we see China’s growth slow to a nearly three-decade low, amidst rising economic headwinds , unprecedented banking stress and intensifying external pressure.


China’s GDP: The Costs of Omertà

This note explains the reasons for the awkward code of silence within official policy debates in discussing problems with China’s GDP estimates, and the costs of this silence both for China and the rest of the world.