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Rhodium Group’s Energy & Climate practice uses a multidisciplinary, data-driven approach to produce unique, independent insights into global energy dynamics, greenhouse gas emissions, and climate change.

We help public and private decision-makers understand what kind of climate future we are on track for, and what matters most for reducing greenhouse gas emissionsat the local, state, national, and international levels. By combining policy expertise with a suite of detailed energy-economic models, our research provides data-driven insights into the impacts of energy and climate change policy and real-world developments on greenhouse gas emissions, energy markets, economic output, and clean technology pathways. 

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The Global Cement Challenge

Achieving the global climate goals of the Paris Agreement will depend on the successful acceleration of policy and innovation to support the wide-scale deployment of low-carbon cement technologies in the regions that matter the most.

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Justice40 Initiative: Mapping Race and Ethnicity

Using 2019 census data, we quantify race and ethnicity demographics of the communities identified as disadvantaged in the White House Council on Environmental Quality's Climate and Economic Justice Screening Tool.


Comparing a Clean Electricity Standard and a Carbon Tax

US congressional proposals have focused on two potential policy routes—an economy-wide price on carbon dioxide and a sector-by-sector approach that starts with a clean electricity standard—this report models outcomes for these scenarios.


Clean Hydrogen: A Versatile Tool for Decarbonization

As Congress considers policy support for hydrogen technologies, it is essential to understand the distinction between how we use hydrogen today and the role of hydrogen in a decarbonized US economy.